The word “aerojeep” (we use it as an idiom) refers to an off‑road amphibian, which prototype is the well-known air-propeller sleigh design. The aerojeep is a versatile year-round vehicle so it is able to travel on the snow, ice, ice cakes, wetlands, shallow and deep water.

Today the corresponding market is controlled by the air-cushion craft, or hovercraft, which is an immediate analog of the aerojeep. The main advantages of the hovercraft are a simpler design, lower cost, better thrust–to–weight ratio, as well as that it is capable to travel on non-slick solid surfaces.

The vehicle under design at this project we call the FORTIS aerojeep, or simply the FORTIS.

It travels on the full tank of fuel up to 6 hours, and carries 5  passengers including the driver, or a 400 kg cargo.

The FORTIS is manufactured using composite materials, aluminum alloys and polymers.