Weight Data
Maximum standing start weight
(with a payload), kg
Maximum payload weight, kg 400
Speed Ability
Maximum speed on the water, km/h 60
Maximum speed on the snow, km/h 60
Maximum speed on the ice, km/h 100
Travelling time on a full tank of fuel, hours up to 6
Seating Capacity
Number of passengers, incl. the driver, prs. 5
Overall Dimensions of the Cabin
Length max, mm 2200
Width, mm 1560
Height, mm 1360
Engine Data
Model GM LS3 (General Motors)
Type small-block water-cooled fuel injection V-8
Power, hp 418
Fuel Ai-95 gasoline
Fuel tank capacity, l 200
Cross-Country Ability
Maximum slope climbing angle 10°
Maximum Ice hummock crossing height, m 0,3
Maximum wind force resistance, m/s 10
Maximum height of rough/choppy water encounter, m 0,6
Operating temperature range, °C from -35° to +35°