The FORTIS aerojeep is a quite original and very useful vehicle, and it has a number of competitive advantages over its competitors.

Running Performance

First of all, the FORTIS has the highest in its class power‑to‑weight ratio. For example, its T/M ratio, that is propeller thrust divided by maximum standing start mass, is about 0.3 or even greater. Such a characteristic is achieved due to, in particular, the weight‑optimal design, high‑performance shrouded propeller and hydrodynamically tailored lines of the hull.

Our customers rely upon the field behavior of the FORTIS for the following features:

  • high acceleration ability;
  • high speed ability on the water and on the snow;
  • high maneuvering ability on the water;
  • obstacle crossing and climbing ability (in the situation when the aerojeep would encounter, i.e., slopes or ice hammocks);
  • trouble-free getaway at a freezing‑on start;
  • trouble-free traveling on the wet snow, which is the worst possible running condition for this class of vehicles.

Safety and Comfort

So far as the safety is concerned the following features are worthy of attention:

  • no-nonsense design of the cabin with the upward opening door for easy boarding and landing of the passengers;
  • elaborate arrangement of the driver’s workplace;
  • seats equipped with the safety belts;
  • pumping-out system evacuating the taken-on water from the hull;
  • three-compartment design of the hull with watertight bulkheads;
  • foam-filled buoyancy compartments arranged in the hull;
  • shroud ring with the metal grid for the safe propeller operation, etc.


As the ride quality of the driver and passengers is closely connected with the operational safety, take notice of the following features:

  • wide doorway for easy boarding of the passengers and/or the long-size bulky cargo;
  • roomy / spacious cabin affording clear view of the terrain;
  • sound-proof and heat-proof insulation of the cabin;
  • efficient heating and ventilation system;
  • comfortable air-sprung seats, etc.

Service-friendly Design

Another advantage of the FORTIS aerojeep is its maintenance and repair ability provided by the following features: 

  • lightweight and durable hull made of an aluminum alloy and protected with high molecular weight polyethylene (HM-HDPE) coatings;
  • easy access to the engine and all the systems;
  • transformable passenger/cargo cabin;
  • ready for transportation on the boat trailer;
  • fail-safe automotive engine with a long lifetime.